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Redesign of the Rio de Janeiro Military Fire Brigade brand.

Founded in 1856, CBMERJ was the first Military Fire Brigade in Brazil founded by Emperor Dom Pedro II, the largest in Latin America. With a new management, focusing on the modernization of the fleet, processes and equipment, the corporation needed to show this new moment to the internal body and the population of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.


BRANDEX was in charge for this unprecedented project in Brazil, with the mission of rescuing the history of CBMERJ, bringing a new brand to the communication challenges of the coming years: launching proprietary products, relationship with the population and government agencies, and repositioning of corporation.



In order to maintain the tradition of a brand of more than 200 years and project it for the future, the BRANDEX team made a deep study of the heraldry and symbolism involved in the brand. The conclusion was to redesign the elements in a modern aesthetic, with clear applications, simplifying as much as possible the necessary forms for the representation of the corporation. Thus, with this direction, it was possible to innovate while maintaining the tradition.


CBMERJ has military roots and its aesthetic should convey strength, security and confidence to the population. Thus, in a symmetrical design, with balance and presence, in a defined way, the new corporate logo is perfectly applicable and unique in the various brand materials such as land, air and sea fleet, as well as in internal documents and facade signage.


The concern not to dissociate the new logo from the one currently used was a constant orientation among the project teams. For this, after the brand diagnosis, it was possible to assess the inseparable values ​​of the brand and thus work them in a coherent way. In this way, the population will quickly recognize the new brand and assimilate it into their daily lives.


The new logo has been extensively tested in the most diverse branding and reduction applications. The CBMERJ brand literally occupies the skies, seas, vehicles and buildings across all cities in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and therefore the project should be solid enough for the logo to perform correctly in numerous situations. The result is a brand quickly assimilated by the viewer in less than seconds.



CBMERJ is the oldest and largest fire department in Latin America and that's why we should differentiate ourselves from other corporations. We did this by looking primarily at the unique aspects of this corporation, its symbolism, heraldry and evolution. We assessed the need to simplify the logo in relation to other forces, including visual identities of other firefighters.


Thus, from the forms used, to the colors, graphic support elements and typographic arrangements, the result was a unique work, unprecedented in Brazil.


We project a positive impact for society in a new moment of the corporation, in which it is updated and brings the population closer to the corporation through actions in favor of fire and accident prevention, new processes and equipment for rescue and rescue. This mark inaugurates a more humane look at the soldiers and empathetic towards the population.


This brand will reinforce and symbolize the motto of the corporation since its genesis - "Other people's lives, Riches save!''.

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